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Movement and sound archive

A film for Grace Schwindt, a German artist living in London who works with performance, film, music, and sculpture.
"Movement and Sound Archive" is the title of the project.

A quote from the artist's statement: 

With this project, I want to question hierarchies within a Western society where many - on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs - experience some form of violence on a regular basis and a few claim entitlements to positions of power and resources. I want to dismantle the idea of ‘tolerance’, where some claim to be in a position to tolerate from a distance and from above, and others are assumed to be in need to be tolerated. Instead, I want to propose and insist on the necessity for direct touch between individuals, a touch that invites closeness without the need to explain oneself and to allow being affected by each other.

The exhibition was created in conversation with Danielle van Zuijlen and Valentijn Goethals.

The Pearl (documentary)

Evgeny Grinko in Edirne

Evgeny Grinko in Edirne

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This is a documentary about my association with Evgeny Grinko and his lovely team on his Turkey tour, from the moment I left Iran to Istanbul and I had no idea what was going to happen.

This project is much more than a movie to me. I lived with every single second of it.

I review his weird and memorable memories every day and this is one of the miracles of capturing moments and getting closer to strangers. The strangers I love the most: