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Nighttime; Escape Zone

I labeled every alley and street with the name of the music I was listening to. I stood in front of the houses, listening to the sound of the street at night and my chosen song in silence."
This collection represent moments when I escape in the presence of music, the city, night, and observation, and in safety.


Initially, the goal of compiling this collection was to express personal emotional conflicts and incidents that occurred at the time. However, after further reflection on such experiences, it became clear to me that this is a struggle that we, as a young generation in Iran, all face in different ways. That is why I decided to depict this universal conflict.
The name of my collection is "Deprivation, حرمان" which means hopelessness and frustration in Persian. Because it reflects how we are currently frustrated and terrified.


A selected series of photos which taken during the years from the backstages of the music concerts that I was resposible to document them.

Mainly from Istanbul and Tehran.

Remarkable memories, nice people, amazing music and wonderful atmosphere.